Animal lovers rally to save ‘Avni’

New Delhi (NM Bureau): On government records this tigress is named T1, but animal lovers call her ‘Avni’ which means Mother Earth. First spotted in the year 2012 in the dense forests of the Maharashtra province in India, Avni is now a proclaimed man eater after 13 deaths have been attributed to her in the last two years. Around 150 ground personnel, elephants and expert trackers and shooters are out to kill her while lakhs of supporters online and offline are pleading the government to let her live on. With more and support pouring in help save Avni from being killed. A online petition launched by Avni lovers is now gaining international attention.

All animal lovers : Save Avni the tigress - Sign the Petition! https:/

Vocal supporters of Avni say that it is the people who have encroached the habitat of the tigress and its not the other way round.

Support for Avni is pouring in from different parts of the world.

Officials though agree that they have court orders to kill her but their first priority is to take control of the “man-eater animal.” “Our first option is of course to tranquilize her and this where we are putting all of our efforts," said Sunil Limaye, a top official of the Forest Department of Maharashtra to PTI. We don't want to kill her but it is getting increasingly more difficult to do so. The undergrowth in the area due to the lantana is so dense that one can hardly walk through it and if the tiger moves through that, to get a clear shot with a tranquilizer is practically impossible, he added. In the last ten months of the hunt for T1, government has tried all tricks but all in vain. Five elephants were brought in as a patrol squad to navigate areas that jeeps cannot. But it became impossible for the elephants in the very hot and very humid climate in the region. One of the elephant also reported to have killed a local woman in the meantime. Drones with thermal image capacity were also pressed into service but the tigress could not be spotted. While the government and the environment activist lock horns, Avni remains free and at large with her two cubs.

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Now buy cow dung cosmetics online in India

New Delhi (NM Bureau): A small centre in the holy city of Mathura in India is house to a incubation centre which is now selling soaps and other cosmetic items online. The speciality of these products is that they are made of cow dung. 

The centre called Dheen Dayal Dham, run by an affiliated organisation of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of which the ruling party of India BJP is also an off shoot, is selling around 30 personal care products online. The most prominently selling items of the centre are the cow-dung soap and other cosmetic products mixed with cow urine. The centre describes the product as therapeutic in nature. The Deen Dayal Dham is located in the centre of Mathura town which is historic for the birth of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God known in the epic Mahabharata who grew up with cow-rearing. 

“We are working towards creating employment opportunities for the farmers. Online sale of the products have picked up well. With this initiative we are also looking forward to further protection of the cow population because to take care of the animals (cows) will be beneficial in economic terms as well,” Durgesh Kumar, a RSS member from Delhi who was actively involved in the setting up of the Deen Dayal Dham told NewsMantra.

Apart from cosmetic products, the centre is also selling apparels which are hand,ade in nature.

“We are selling apparels styled as the kurtas of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister (of Uttar Pradesh) Yogi Adityanath. The kurtas are in huge demand in India as well as abroad. The online sale has given access to buyers,” Kumar said. I am told that the sale is a bit slow now but I am sure it will pick with due time, he added.

Su Kam Installed Solar Panel At BSF Post In Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan 2

Su-Kam heralding solar revolution at Indo-Pak border

Strap: The company installs solar power systems at the BSF front posts alongside the Line of Control in Rajasthan

LOC-Sriganganagar (Rajasthan): Su-Kam, a leading company in the power backup and solar solutions, has embarked on a unique initiative of solarizing front posts of Border Security Force situated at India-Pakistan border in Sri Ganganagar district, Rajasthan.

With this, the BSF troops who had to travel long distances to their base camps to recharge their communication and safety equipment for the want of regular power connections from the grid, now have access to the solar power at their posts along the International Boundary(IB).

Situated along the IB, these posts are far away from habitation and do not have a reliable power supply source.

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, said: “This initiative is in line with our overall vision to proactively encourage the adoption of solar energy. Our jawans work relentlessly to keep us safe. A 24X7 power supply is a necessity for them so that there is no obstruction in surveillance. However, the tough geographical region did not have electricity which caused a lot of inconvenience to jawans. This initiative will go a long way in fulfilling their power needs.”

Each BSF post has a 1.5 KW solar system which consists of one Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco (1600/24V) solar inverter, 500Watt solar panels and batteries, that  generate solar energy to power lights and 2-3 fans in each of these locations. The batteries store electricity to power these posts even after sunset. The jawans can recharge their wireless systems as well as mobile phones at their posts only. Earlier they would travel 4-5 kms to their base camps to get these gadgets charged there.

Earlier too in 2016, Su-Kam had installed a solar power system at the famous Tanot Mata Temple in Jaisalmer, a location very near to the Indo-Pak border. This temple premises which is managed by BSF only, is famous for miraculous chain  of events that occurred during Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. Pakistani army dropped over 3000 bombs targeting the temple but not even one exploded! The Pakistani Tank regiment kept shelling but not one bomb exploded.

Su-Kam engineers installed Shiny 250/12V UPS here for producing 1 KW solar power. The temple is about 10 kms from the Boundary.

It is said that, after the 1965 war, the temple management was handed over to Border Security Force of India and to date the temple is maintained and manned by the BSF soldiers.

The temple has a museum which has collections of the unexploded bombs that were shot by Pakistani tanks.

In 1971 again when Pakistan and India went to war this area was again targeted by the Pakistani Tanks for four days but again but they failed to cause any damage to the temple even then as well.

About  Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. is India's largest power solutions company which has a presence in 90 countries worldwide and holds a record for being the only company in this field to file for over 100 patents. It manufactures more than 250 products including various solar products, UPS, batteries, and customized solar solutions. A successful example of ‘Make in India’, Su-Kam has over 50,000 channel partners in many countries around the world. The first Indian power solutions company to win the title of 'Superbrand', Su-Kam is counted among one of the fastest growing companies according to India Inc.


Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences organized The Coimbatore Digital Summit 2018

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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - April, 10 April 2018 - Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences held The Coimbatore Digital Summit on 10th April 2018. The theme of the Summit was Think Big | Execute Smart | Deliver Growth.

The Summit discussed how marketers are moving into a world where text is no longer the primary means of interaction. The growth of images, voice-powered navigation and video across social media, digital commerce and search is changing the way audience is interacting with brands and experiences.

 The event was commenced with an inaugural session and followed by three-panel discussions: The First Panel dialog on "Showcasing Strategy Supercharged; Charting a Course for Success in a Rapidly Changing Digital World". The Second Panel dialog on "Content Marketing in a Post-Text World". The Third Panel dialog on "Showcasing in the Fake News Era". The event witnessed several renowned speakers.

 Essential changes have developed with the advancement in technology. The ways we can draw in with them that is worth considering. The digital age is going to empower the youth said by  Dr. P.Mannar Jawahar, Vice Chancellor of KITS University.

 The Digital conference united Influential Leaders, Policy Makers, Eminent Digital Media Practitioners and Key Stakeholders to make an unparalleled stage for the trade of exchanges. The representatives to the meeting incorporated MD's; CEO's; CMO's; Marketing Heads; Advertising Heads; Sales Heads; Strategy Heads; Brand Heads; Public Relation and Communication Heads; Digital Marketing Professionals; Social Media Professionals; Digital Marketing Enthusiasts; Media Professionals; Academicians; Students; and so on.

 The event was followed by distribution of Digital Excellence Award 2018. This honor praised business brilliance and advancement in the field of computerized innovations over a wide scope of controls, making it the just a single of its kind in India. The Felicitation was done by Dr.M.J.Xavier, Dean of Law & Management of KITS University. The award for Outstanding contribution in Digital Marketing was bagged by eight recipients, Mr.RBU Shyam Kumar, President Cornerstone-Channel Channelizers; Ms.Arunima Singh, Senior Account Director Adfactors PR Private Ltd; Mr.Rob Peck, Director-Client Services 03M Directional Marketing; Mr.Faheed Ahmed, Founder and CEO BYT India; Mr.Rohit Uttamchandani, Head- Digital Advertising & Content Marketing of Social Beat; Mr.Chitranjit Deb, CEO of  Bigwig Media Private Limited; Mr. Logesh Kumar CEO of INFOZUB; Mr.Sorav Jain CEO Echovme.


Mother, daughter forced to eat excreta for practicing witchcraft

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Neighbours allegedly forced a 65-year-old woman and her 35-year-old daughter to eat human excreta on February 16 in Dulami area Ranchi on the suspicion of practising "witchcraft" after which their heads were tonsured.

Both the victims have filed their complaints against the accused for forcing them to eat faeces and tonsuring them.

While showing the deep concern police has registered the complaint against the accused .

"A woman and six others took ill and fell unconscious last night. A man was called to find out what went wrong with them. After he pointed them out they dragged them out of their house and made them eat human excreta. Their heads were tonsured. A case has been registered and the actions are being taken," SHO Sujit Roy said.

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