Gayatri Prajapati

Easy way to obtain bail after a Gang Rape: Just be a minister rich enough to pay Rs 10 crores to senior lawyers

Lucknow: This is not a self made statement, but reality. The disturbing case of ex UP minister, Gayatri Prajapati is testimony to the headline given above and reflects the plight of actual law and order in our country. In a shocking development, the Allahbad High court probe has revealed that Gayatri Prajapati, who was arrested earlier for having been involved in the gang rape of a woman and attempting to rape her daughter, was granted bail after striking a deal of Rs 10 crores with senior lawyers.

Lucknow Petrol Pump

20 Petrol Pumps raided in Lucknow, No anomaly found

Lucknow: Under the investigation of the UP fuel fraud, the district magistrate has constituted 10 teams to conduct raids in different parts of the country.  A special team consisting of administrative officers, staffers from oil companies and officials from weights and measure department raided about 20 petrol pumps and found no ‘cheat chips’.

As against, the earlier  cases in which computerised chips were recovered from the fuel dispensing units, this time they did not find any. “No irregularities were found in the fuel dispensing units,” said DM Kaushal Raj Sharma.

Health Depratment Of Lucknow

Health department takes own sweet time to awareness start drive

Lucknow: Despite 5 cases reported as positive out of 11, the health department of Lucknow failed to contain the infection of Swine Flu because of its laxity in spreading awareness about it and not following private medical facilities in the suspected cases. As per sources, the first case was reported in January and the first swine flu was reported in the city on the 28th of February but it was only in May that the awareness campaign started. As per standard operating procedure, the awareness should have started the moment the first case was reported. Even the private hospitals , nursing homes and pathology centers didn’t report positive cases despite the health department asking it to report all the suspected cases of Swine Flu and Dengue in march