Salaried thief gang busted


New Delhi (NM Bureau): Criminal activity in the western province of Rajasthan in India has took a new turn with the revelation that a gang operating in the state had salaried thieves and they functioned in a corporate style with penalties for non-performance.

The unique way of looting people was unfolded by the Rajasthan police after they busted a gang of thieves operating the state capital Jaipur. The gang, comprising mostly of young novice bosses, hired its team members at a salary of Rs 15,000 per month.

“Police were baffled when they came across this novel modus operandi upon interrogating six 'salaried thieves' who were arrested. Upon further interrogation, the thieves revealed that since they were new to the world of crime, it was proving difficult to find a grey market to sell their stolen goods to, “ local newspaper Rajasthan Patrika said quoting police. Media is calling them corporate thieves, owing to their modus operandi of working.

The kingpin of this 'corporate thieves' gang has been revealed as a 21-year-old boy by name Ashish, he was also called Amit by his gang members, Rajasthan Police said.

Ashish aka Amit had convinced six youth to carry out thefts for him in lieu of a salary and he would also deduct from the salary if the loot was lesser than the mandated, police added.

Police revealed to the local media that the gang had an advantage of hiring young boys who had no police records and hence was always out of the loop of doubt.

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