Rs 25K reward announced to trace man for obscene act

Person Held For Mastarbation

Photo Courtesy: Internet

Considering the seriousness of the obscene act, Delhi Police today announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for providing information of the man who allegedly masturbated sitting next to a girl inside a bus.

Delhi University lodged an FIR against a man for masturbating while sitting next to her in a DTC bus.

20-year-old girl also alleged that nobody came for help despite 25-30 people were in the bus.

She uploaded a video of the molestation she was subjected to in a bus filled with people on February 7.

The middle-aged man can be seen masturbating while looking at the girl, who in the meanwhile was recording the whole incident.

She also alleged that he touched her and when she raised an alarm, no one came to her rescue.

(With agency inputs)

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