Masturbation incident: It’s a victimless crime, says Taslima

Person Held For Mastarbation

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On a current issue of a Delhi University’s student who lodged a complaint against a man for allegedly molesting her on board a bus, author Taslima Nasreen called masturbation a “victimless crime” on twitter.

One student who had recorded the incident on camera had accused the man sitting next to her for masturbating and for repeatedly trying to touch her waist on 7 February in a DTC bus on the route between Vasant Vihar and IIT Gate, according to media reports.

“A man in a crowded Delhi bus masturbated. It should not be considered a big crime in the era of rape culture. Men should rather masturbate, than rape and murder. Is masturbating in public a crime? Well it is a victim-less crime”, Taslima Nasreen tweeted.

The student claimed that she raised an alarm and told her co-passengers that the man was masturbating but, no one understood what she was saying, reported The Indian Express. She further said that the ordeal went on for about 10 minutes but the 30-odd other passengers on the bus allegedly ignored the incident, Hindustan Times reported. Nasreen's tweet garnered reactions on social media. 

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