DELHI SHAME- 27-yr-old raped 8 month old infant, victim in fight for life


Photo Courtesy: Internet

An 8 month old is fighting for life after being allegedly raped by a 27-year-old cousin, with severe injuries on body in northwest Delhi's Shakurbasti.

The incident took place on Sunday. The accused was arrested on Monday who  lives in the same building. "The accused has made the confession to his crime," police said.  

The victim was admitted to a hospital after the incident was noticed.

Both the parents to the victim are working and had left their child to his elder cousin brother, who is the accused in the situation, which is when the incident took place.

“My wife noticed blood on bed and on my daughter’s cloths” said victim’s father. Noticing all, the girl was immediately taken to the hospital and they informed police.

After undergoing a three-hour-long operation, victim is still fighting for her life in Kalawati Saran Hospital.

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