Another Al- Qaeda Suspect found in Delhi

Al  Qaeda Suspect Found In Delhi

Al- Qaeda suspected operative arrested in east Delhi by Delhi police.

Bangladeshi-British al-Qaeda operative who is expected to have arrived India in order to train Rohingya Muslims, got arrested by Delhi Police officials last evening in Shakarpur. The news got confirmed by the Delhi police special cell today.

Shubhan Haq discovered as a proficient hacker with proper arms training, He has also been recognized as the one who has already radicalised several Rohingyas in Bangladesh during his four-year stint with the terrorist group.

While inspection, Police discovered pistol, four cartridges, a laptop, and foreign banknotes from the operative, who they said carried a Kishanganj (Bihar) voter ID.

Interrogation process has just started and hence further details and conformations are still awaited. As per the record, last month also two suspected men with link to the terror outfit were arrested but in two different cases. 29- Year old, Syed Mohammed Zishan Ali was arrested on 9th April by the special cell and later on was deported to Saudi Arabia while the other 25-Year old Raja-ul-Ahmed was also arrested by the West Bengal police.


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