Militants attempt fidayeen attack, trapped underway at CRPF camp


Photo Coutesy Internet

Two militants encountered in a building close to a camp of CRPF 23 battalion who were trying to enter a CRPF camp in Srinagar for a fidayeen attack.

The militants were carrying bags armed with AK47s, were seen approaching towards the camp in Srinagar. The sentries immediatetly opened fire at around 4.30 am, after which the militants fled from the spot and encounter is underway.

Earlier on Saturday, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) militants stormed the Sunjwan army camp in Jammu, killing five security personnel and one civilian. Six army personnel and six civilians were also injured.

The Army has successfully neutralised four militants in the ongoing search operation that is underway since 51 hours.

(With agency inputs)


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