Mumbai loosing youngsters in accident

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Mumbai ,the economic capital of india witness more youth dying in road accident in peak office hours due to pressure to reach on time .
Maximum youth got fatel injury while crossing the road during running traffic.

Of the 475 deaths reported in Mumbai, 239 were of people in the productive age group of 15 to 39 years

Around 51 per cent of deceased in road accidents last year were between the ages of 15 and 39. Representational Image/Getty Images
Citizens of Mumbai in the most 'productive' age bracket were also the ones who fell prey to 51 per cent of road accidents in 2018, data collected by an NGO has revealed. In 2018, while there was a 22 per cent decrease in accidents, most number of deceased were between the ages of 15 to 39.

The data was released on Tuesday for Global Road Safety as part of its key findings from the Mumbai Road Safety Annual Report 2018. The data for fatal accidents was provided by the Mumbai Traffic Control Branch in order to plan and implement the most effective road safety-related interventions. The report found the pattern of road accidents, types of vehicles involved in them, and most importantly, the age group of the deceased. The highest number of vehicles at fault were three and four wheelers.

Of the 239 deaths in the age group of 15 to 39,  211 or 85 per cent were male, while 28 or 15 per cent were female. Representational Image/Getty Images
According to the findings, out of 475 total fatalities in 2018, 239 deaths, accounting for 51 per cent of the total, were reported in the age group of 15 to 39 years, which is considered to be a 'productive age'. Of the 239, 211 or 85 per cent were male, while 28 or 15 per cent were female, which has been a consistent pattern for the past few years.

The report also found out that pedestrians remained at a high risk in the city when it comes to fatalities as well as injuries. In the fatal accidents, 242 or 51 per cent of the deceased were pedestrians, whereas 47 per cent of the injured in the annual total 2,613 crashes were pedestrians.


* Western Express Highway remains at the top in the list of fatal roads in Mumbai with 52 fatalities, followed by Eastern Express Highway at 34 and Sion Trombay Road at 16
* A slight rise in fatalities has been attributed to drinking and driving, which accounted for 15 deaths in 2018, 

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