Saudi Arabia Fire

10 Indians died in Saudi Arabia fire, Sushma Swaraj gave the assurance of help

In Najran of Saudi Arabia, 10 Indians and Bangladeshi have lost their life after a fire broke out in a house. Six people have also been badly injured in this accident. According to the information, this fire was caused due to short circuit in the old AC.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted about the tragic incident, saying that she has information about this and the staff has been dispatched from the first flight to cover the incident. A woman named Vidya S, whose husband died in this accident and she asked Sushma Swaraj for help after this incident. She said that, she is not getting any help to bring back the dead body of her dead husband.

Sushma Swaraj Tweet

All Indians who were killed in this incident, they worked in a construction company. These people lived in the Gold Market Faisalihah. Of the six people who were injured in this incident, four are Indians.

Prince Zu Bin Abdelajiz, the governor of Narjan has ordered an investigation into the whole incident and constituted a committee for it.

Fall In Chainas Currency

Fall in China’s currency due to the tension with India

China is threatening India with war. The Chinese economy has started eating hiccups. The Chinese currency yuan is getting worse than the US dollar. Yuan has seen a decline of 50 basis points compared to the dollar. It's been 6.7964 dollars per dollar. China's foreign exchange market has also declined by 2 percent.

Pakistani Girl

Pakistani girls want to marry Hindustani boys, will be surprised to know the reason

New Delhi: In many newspapers and surveys this has been revealed that the dream man of every Pakistani girl is an Indian boy. Know what the reason. The first reason is that mother-in-law, where most mothers of India are in love, Pakistani mother-in-laws are not less than any test. Indian mother-in-law can also be a bit tough, but do you know that Pakistani mother-in-law feels her right to dab her daughter-in-law, and scold her in front of her son.


Sikkims Border

Stress on the border from India, China fears loss in trade

India and China are face-to-face with Sikkim's border the impact of this growing tension between the two countries is likely to be impacted on economic relations. Looking at India's big market, China is now worrying about business. It was reflected in the news of Global Times.

Chinese companies working in India have been warned that there is a possibility of boycott of sugar items in view of the growing tension on the border. Chinese media has said in an article that people of India are very sensitive to the sovereignty of their country, which would directly affect the business of Chinese companies.