Epidemic of Ebola is under control

New Delhi: Health minister of Democratic Republic of Congo Olly Ilunga Kalenga says that  there have been  no new case of Ebola reported   in the past 21 days – this is the  maximum  incubation period for the disease  the government is highly couscous and is  monitoring over it. He also said that "At this stage, we can say that the spread of the epidemic has been brought under control, and that's thanks to the quality of national and international experts dispatched to the zone," 

Zika Reuters

Government keeps mum despite knowing about Zika Virus in Gujarat

New Delhi: In Gujarat, the government for months hid the fact from public health experts that it was testing for Zika virus and in fact told the patients that the test was for Malaria.  Soumya Swaminathan, the director general of the Indian Council of medical research admitted that she and her team knew about the Zika virus but decided against doing any public outreach about it because they didn’t want the “people to start panicking”.


Ohio sues Big Pharma and 5 other major companies for causing Opioid Epidemic

New Delhi: Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and pain relievers available legally by prescription  are meant to act on the nervous system  to relieve pain. Excessive usage of Opioids could lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Ohio is the second state, after Mississippi to file a law suit against Big Pharma and other 5 other major companies for disparaging the addiction risks associated with the use of such drugs and highlighting their benefits rather, of relieving people of chronic pain.

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Medical shops in against of high rules and regulations

New Delhi: Medical shops are against the high rules and regulations imposed on them. In case of emergency people can take medicines from the shops in and around the hospitals.

Chemists are against the rule that on the selling of every medicine firstly the chemist has to upload the bill on the website. And due to this rule All India Organisations of chemist and druggists(AIOCD) have sent notices to the govt but due to no decision taken in reference to this they decided to be on strike for a day.

Aam Panna  Phalsa Sharbat


Gurgaon: Oh! Hot summer starts. Were exams over? Where to deserve fun and relaxation for vacation? The summer fun often comes with summer fouls which rapidly increase the risk of dehydration.

“One sip of Nukkadwala’s Meerut shikanji took me back to our childhood nostalgia when I would drink shikanji at home after playing under the sun for whole day. The next we tried was the Mango and Saffron Lassi. It was made of fresh mangoes which is not a mix up of readymade pulp. And the taste of saffron kicked in at the end,” said Ambica food blogger during her visit to Nukkadwala.