Taiwan earthquake: 5 killed, 247 hurt


Photo Courtesy: Internet

An overnight earthquake of 6.4-magnitude has resulted 5 killed and 247 injured with many missing in the tourist hub of the Taiwanese, Hualien on Wednesday.

The quake hit the popular tourist city late on Tuesday, before which the emergency responders were focusing on a 12-storey apartment block and a nearby hotel, both of which were leaning dangerously after their lower floors pancaked.

Local broadcaster TVBS showed rescuers carrying a victim covered in a white sheet from the Marshal Hotel some 14 hours after the quake struck. A walking survivor was rescued a short while later.

In an afternoon update, the national fire agency said at least five people had been killed and 247 injured across the city. But the toll could rise as rescuers discovered further bodies.

There were grave concerns for the badly leaning Yun Tsui residential building, which also housed a restaurant, shops and a hostel.

The national fire agency said 88 people were unaccounted for as of 2 pm (6 am GMT) but it was not immediately clear how many of those were trapped inside buildings.

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