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The Auto expo 2018 witnessed an electrifying experience especially with the vibrant look and feel of next generation electric vehicles showcased by Lohia Auto Industries, the automobile division of Rs. 700 Crore Lohia Global and a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in the country. At Auto Expo Lohia Auto has launched "Comfort E-Auto HS".

Launching High Speed E-Auto Comfort HS, which can run upto 30km per hour speed, Mr Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto said, “Innovation and affordability, these two thoughts are always on the fore -front while we design any new product. After having a significant success in keeping the electric vehicle moment alive, we are now geared up to take the brand to next pedestal by adding more value to the products in terms of speed, power, technology and reach.”

“The world is moving towards electric so as India and Lohia together”, added Mr Ayush Lohia CEO, Lohia Auto. 

Lohia COMFORT E- Auto HS - Lithium-Ion Battery operated High Speed Auto which poised to bring a big change in the urban commuting systems. COMFORT E Auto HS has been designed and developed indigenously by R&D Team of Lohia Auto and rolled out commercially in phased manner.

​​Lohia Auto’s innovative “COMFORT E-AUTO HS” comes with a D+4 passengers seating and load capacity of 40 kg. It will offer a mileage of over 80 kms. This model utilizes Li-ion battery which has a capacity of 78 AH. The charger is compact and easy to use and comes with 48V-40A Multi stages SMPS Charger. For ease of convenience to the rider it has an electric start and analog speedometer which makes it look stylish. Another defining characteristic is the front shock absorber. It is made of hydraulic (Telescopic Type). Also the rear shock absorber comprises of leaf spring plus hydraulic (Telescopic Type) with spring to offer added comfort to the passengers. It also offers a good ground clearance which is 235 mm. The E-Auto  price starting from Rs. 1,49,000( Ex Showroom Delhi).


Interview of Ms. Swati Chauhan, second most popular user of LIKE app in India

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Q1.  A brief introduction about yourself.

I hail from Shimla and currently I am pursuing Economics (Hons.) second year from Punjab University. I love modeling and making live videos. I am person who loves to go with the flow and take life as it comes. Although I am undecided about my career path, I would love to be an entertainer as I like making people happy.

Q2. Are you a tech geek and a music lover? What made you use the LIKE app?

I am a music lover, definitely. I came to know about LIKE app through Instagram. LIKE was looking for bloggers at that time. I contacted the spokesperson and he mailed me further details. Thus began my association with the app.

Q3. How do you find the app? Your feedback? Any novel feature of the app which attracted you?

I just love the app. Its design is amazing and its concept a unique one. LIKE app is truly unparalleled. No wonder it is doing so well in many countries including India.

Q4. How did you manage to attract large followers?

I am grateful to my followers. The reason behind my large followers is that I am able to make a connect with people. I often incorporate their feedback into my videos. Most of my videos are based on famous dialogues in the movies.

Q5. How do you think adding EDM and 4D Magic features will help the app?

Yes, of course. The new features will further enrich our video making experience.  LIKE app is doing so much for music lovers. About 4D magic, Blackhole feature is just amazing. These effects enable us to change background, add special effects into our videos, which can make our videos more interesting and diverse.


‘LIKE’ app becoming a hit among Indian youngsters

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LIKE App, the leading video application which recently incorporated EDM and 4D magic features has become a sensation among Indian youngsters.  LIKE APP is a short music video editor app made by Bigo Technologies in Singapore.

Among LIKE’s top users in India are Megha Prasad with 719 thousand followers, Swati Chauhan with 561 thousand followers and That Indian Girl with 276 thousand followers. Since its launch, the app has registered 27 million downloads across the world.

Recently, LIKE APP hit number one on the iTunes charts in the United States and got ‘the most popular application’, ‘the best social application’ and ‘the best entertainment application’ on Google Play Awards 2017.

Megha Prasad, who leads in India in terms of followers on the app and is a Dellywood Miss India West Bengal 2017 winner, said: “I am a music buff. LIKE app has given wings to my imagination by enabling me to produce videos within minutes. I came to know about the app through Facebook and since then I have been its active user with over 800k followers. The newly incorporated EDM and 4D magic features will enrich further music experience.”

Swati Chauhan echoed a similar sentiment. “I am thankful to LIKE app which allows me to produce music videos quickly. Blackhole feature is just amazing. The app is easy to use and transforms music experience completely by offering a variety of options.”

“Indian is a crucial market for LIKE App due to its large population base and its flair for music and dance. It is heartening to note that the app has received an overwhelming response in India,” said Aaron Wei, spokesperson for LIKE

Compared with other short video apps, the features of LIKE are unparalleled in the industry and offer users a perfect solution to easily make and style music videos in just minutes. With users across more than 200 countries, teens and adults are singing and dancing their way into creative scenes they never thought possible.

About LIKE

LIKE from BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. is a fast-growing Internet company established in Singapore. It focusses on video editing app, video broadcast and VoIP related products which service all over the world.

For more information please visit: https://www.like.video/.


Leading music video editor app, LIKE obtains more than 25 million downloads in over 200 countries

LIKE is a leading music video editor app. A product of Bigo Technology, a company headquartered in Singapore, LIKE app has obtained more than 25 million downloads in over 200 countries. Recently Google Play Awards 2017 conferred on LIKE ‘the most popular application’, ‘the best social application’ and ‘the best entertainment application’.

Recently LIKE app announced incorporation of EDM and 4D magic feature to the app which will further enrich music video experience.

Know the usages & benefits of LIKE through Megha Prasad, top user of LIKE app with over 800 thousand followers.

Tell us about yourself? What are your hobbies and dreams?

I am based out of Kolkata and I am currently pursuing Commerce stream in Class 12. I am into modeling and acting. I have been the winner of Dellywood Miss India Miss West Bengal contest. Besides modeling which is my passion, I love dancing and cooking.

 How did you come to know about LIKE app?

I came to know about LIKE app through Facebook. Little did I know that my association with the app would turn into a longer one. Later I won Disha Patani challenge and go the opportunity to meet her. It was like a dream come true for me. I am very active on the app and have over 850k followers.Megha Prasad

How has your experience been with the app? What sets LIKE app apart from rest of the apps in the similar category?

This is a unique app which makes video making a fun-filled experience. For the first time, I posted video just for fun. Later it became my hobby. What sets LIKE apart from rest of the app is the MAGIC EFFECT.

How did you manage to attract large followers?

I have over 876k followers on LIKE app. I upload videos of old songs. I think people love old songs as they revive the glory of yesteryears when music was at its best. They are able to make connect with my videos.Most of my followers are Indians.

LIKE has recently incorporated EDM and 4D Magic features. What is your take on them? Any suggestions for further improvement of the app?

Wow, I love EDM and 4D magic of LIKE, and I highly recommend the 4D magic, no other social apps have the functions like this, it further enriches our video making experience. EDM Effects, of course, are also interesting and people are loving using it.

Key Data Protection

Centre forms expert committee to identify key data protection issues in country

The Centre told Supreme Court that an expert committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of former apex court judge Justice BN Srikrishna to identify key data protection issues in India and recommend methods to address them. The government told the apex court that after the committee's report is submitted, there is a possibility that the law shall be passed regulating data protection.

Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Centre, said the committee will study various issues and make specific suggestions for consideration of the government on the principles to be considered for data protection. The apex court has fixed the matter for further hearing on 20th of November.