Skipper Virat Kohli

When BCCI will ask my opinion only then I will give my suggestion- Virat Kohli

Team India captain Virat Kohli has said that if the BCCI wants to know his views on the selection of a new coach, then he will give his opinion on this. Ravi Shastri is also in the race for the post of coach and considering Kohli being close to him, it is believed that he could be his first choice for the post of coach.

When Kohli was asked his opinion on the new coach, he said, 'personally I can not say anything. We will keep our point as a team only when the BCCI will ask us to do this. There is a process for this and personal opinion does not matter.'

Angry Cricketer

Angry cricket player kills passerby for protesting

A 22 year old man was beaten to death because a cricket ball hit him and he had protested. This happened in North Delhi’s Sabzi Mandi where a juvenile was playing cricket, and while playing the ball hit Angad Gupta, who protested, and was battered to death by the juvenile for complaining. Gupta lay bleeding profusely and when taken to hospital he was not able to make it.

Anil Kumble Indian Coach

Then the coach will become a Shastri? Ganguly says - anybody can Apply, we will see

After the controversy between captain Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble, Kumble resigned. So far, the advisory committee member and former captain Sourav Ganguly said that after the defeat to the Indian team in the Champions Trophy final, the difference between the coach Anil Kumble and the captain Virat Kohli was settled in the dressing room in a mature way. Should have gone. Ganguly said that the case should be dealt with better way between Kumble and Kohli, it should have been dealt with in a proper way.

Anybody can apply

Let us tell you that the appointment of Indian coach has taken a new turn because former team director Ravi Shastri has also decided to fill the application for this position and he is looking forward to this race, while Kumble is preferred to him. Coach was made by giving. Shastri blamed the openly Ganguly for his ouster. Ganguly said on this, everyone has the right to fill the application. we will see. I could also apply, if I am not an administrator.

Let us tell you that before the start of the Champions Trophy, the news of the dispute between Kohli and Kumble was in the discussion. It was learned that some players, including the captain, were not comfortable with Kumble's tough attitude. Kumble has resigned from the post after suffering a knock in the Champions Trophy final by Pakistan. The Board had asked them to stay till the West Indies tour. However, Kumble resigned from his post while deciding not to go to the West Indies. Anil Kumble also tweeted the reason for tweeting. He wrote that the BCCI told him that the team captain has trouble with his style of functioning.

Players Will Get Scholarships For The Olympics

Players will get scholarships for the Olympics

Union Sports Minister Vijay Goel said that under the preparations of the Olympics 1000 scholars will be given scholarships in the next 8 years. Goyal further said that for the preparations of the Olympics 2020, 2024 and 2028 these players will be given Rs 5 lakhs. At the same time, he said that the National Sports University will be established soon in Manipur. The Union Minister said that the players of Mizoram who perform better in the Games will be trained. If there are not better training facilities inside the state then they will be trained in other states.