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  • Instagram makes tough for stalkers


    Photo Courtesy: Internet

    Earlier it was easy for any user to take a snapshot or to record a video of any story users were uploading, but now it will be changed soon.

    The popular image and video sharing platform will soon start telling its users about their stalkers.

    'Stories' automatically self-destruct after 24 hours, unless of course, one decides to add them to the 'Story Highlights' section on their profile. But, the screenshot and screen-recording function essentially allow one to make permanent copies of the post if they want to.

    When somebody takes a screenshot of one of your 'Stories', a sun-shaped symbol will appear alongside their name in the Story Views section, according to The Independent.

    The move, which serves as a good news to privacy-conscious users, brings Instagram Stories even more in line with Snapchat.

    With agency inputs