Woman Tries To Sell A Kid Over WhatsApp

Woman tries to sell a kid over WhatsApp

A2 and a half year old boy was kidnapped from outside of Jama Masjid and was allegedly put up on sale by 3 women, 1 of whom uploaded the picture on WhatsAap demanding 1.8 lakh for the boy.

The police said that the women might be a part of illegal adoption and surrogacy racket.The 2 year old boy was taken to 6 different places in Delhi and was bought by 3 different women, with each woman wanting to sell the boy for more money.

Mc Donalds

Mc Donald’s: 43 out of 55 outlets to close in Delhi

New Delhi: Following a protracted legal fight between the restaurant chain and former managing director of CRPL Vikram Bakshi, it has been decided that 43 out of 55 of Mc Donald’s outlets will close today. A dispute between former managing director of CPRL Vikram Bakshi and McDonald’s led to the closure. Both the parties had a 50:50 joint venture.

The decision to close 44 out of 53 Mc Donald’s outlets is likely to be a setback for over 1700 employees However, a media statement from McDonald’s said that CPRL would retain the employees at these outlets and pay their salaries even while the restaurants were not functioning.

Malaria And Vector Borne Cases On The Rise

Malaria and vector borne cases on the rise

New Delhi: The monsoons are approaching the city, and as the recent history of Delhi has shown that there would be problems like water logging, traffic jams, etc but a problem far greater looms over the city of Delhi, it is malaria.

Delhi has already reported 113 cases of malaria, and dengue is also on the rise and is soon expected to reach three figured numbers. While these two are rising the reported cases of chikungunya is 149. More than 40 cases of malaria have been recorded this month.

Father Kills Son For Getting Attention From Wife

Father kills son for getting attention from wife

New Delhi: In a shocking instance a father killed his step son for gaining attention of his wife. Mahesh, the 32-year-old man was unable to draw the attention of his wife, which prompted him into brutally thrash his step son and then strangulate him to death in Karawal Nagar on Sunday.

The father was later arrested by police. The police said that Mahesh took his step son, Arjun, out on a walk early morning around 6 AM, informing his wife that he would be back by afternoon. After killing Arjun, Mahesh called a cousin in the evening and informed him about having killed his son.

Jhuggi Jhopadi

Jhughi-Jhopri dwellers to live in buildings

New Delhi: The homes are made of tin sheets and mud, it is reeking and mosquitos are everywhere, the drains are overflowing, this is the P1 Block of Sultanpuri. Just some distance away, towering over these huts are pink flats, over a 1000 in number, all awaiting the people from these huts. The residents seem to be unsure if they get to move in or not, and if they are not allowed to move in would they still get to keep their huts in the slum.